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ByStar Libre Emacs Environment (BLEE)

Document # PLPC-180004
Version 0.1
February 01, 2011

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Mohsen BANAN

Copyright © 2007, Mohsen BANAN

Permission is granted to make and distribute complete (not partial)

verbatim copies of this document provided that the copyright notice

and this permission notice are preserved on all copies.


List of Tables

1 Introduction

See these other relevant documents.

Model doc.

Stable Doc.

This Development doc.

2 Send Mail

Introduction to Sending Mail. Weave in with the menus

3 Reading and Processing Mail

Introduction to Reading and Processing Mail. Weave in with the menus.

3.1 Gnus Level Facilities

l    List all groups that have unread articles.  
     With numeric prefix and lower.  
L    List all groups With numeric prefix and lower.  
A l  
    List all unread groups on a specific level.  
    With a prefix, also list the groups with no unread articles.

3.2 ByStar Level Conventions

0- unused  
1- Urgent:  text, urgent, mobile,  
2- Important / Noraml / Usual  
3: Confirmation/Exceptions  /Spam (attention)  
4: Reports/FYI/ Self Originated: Archives / References / Bookmarks /Sent /Record --  
5: Lists Primary

3.3 Address to Final Delivery Mail Box (FDMB) Mapping

3.3.1 Address and Fdmb Purposes
⋆ Syntax  
  - address@  
  - [fdmb]  -- no spam protection  
  - (fdmb)  -- spam protected  
  - <level> --  
⋆⋆ fdmb to address mapping and purposes  
[.]       main@  
[test]    test@  
[text]    text@  
[school]    kid@ kids@ shs@ tillicum@  

4 Blee Self Publication Facilities

Introduction to Blee Self Publication Facilities. Weave in with the menus.

4.1 Creating A New Document

- -n showRun -p cntntRawHome=. -e "Start Blank" -i lcntBaseStart ttytex main  
- Assign a number  
echo /lcnt/lgpc/bystar/permanent/usage/blee/main.ttytex >> /lcnt/lgpc/bystar/SOURCE-INFO/permanent.reg  
Then assign a number in: /lcnt/lgpc/bystar/SOURCE-INFO/permanent.reg  
- -p cntntRawHome=. -i lcntRefresh  
--   This generates the LCNT directory with  
      default content.  
--  Creates  
- Then customize the ./LCNT-INFO Directory  
  cd LCNT-INFO  
  At a minimum edit:  
- -p cntntRawHome=. -i lcntBaseConfig article  
- Edit the document -- Run dblock  
- Run ./  

4.2 Creating A New Document

4.3 Creating A New Document

5 Bugs and Todos

Bugs and Todos go here.

6 Ideas

Ideas will be captured here.

And here we go.

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