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Introducing Globish into Globish

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July 20, 2011

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Mohsen BANAN

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1 What Is Globish?

Globish is the language that an Iranian uses for communication with a Chinese.

Globish is the language that a Brezilian uses for communication with an Arab.

It is a derivative subset of English destined to become separate from English.

The term Globish is the combination of two words: ”global” and ”English”.

Globish uses a subset of standard English grammar, and a list of 1500 to 2500 English words.

Globish is void of Anglo-American idioms.

Globish is based on a short and simple sentence structure.

Primary uses of Globish are Business and Technology/Science and societal topics with global ramifications.

Globish is more dynamic than English in that for the domains of Business/Technology and Global Exchange concepts and terms from various cultures can enter it far more easily than they would enter English.

We are in the process of communication a model inversion for Internet Application Services and Software in Globish. To accomplish this we need various words to express concepts that are not in Globish at this time.

2 The Evolution of Globish Series

As we introduce new concepts and words, we typically write an essay with the title: “Introducing New-Word into Globish”.

These essays collectively become “The Evolution of Globish Series”.

At this time, the series includes:

  • Introducing Globish into Globish
  • Introducing Halaal into Globish
  • Introducing Convivial into Globish
  • Introducing Libre into Globish


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